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SG-2DZDJ Nitrogen Making Machine

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SG-2DZDJ Nitrogen Making Machine

Nitrogen Making Machine

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product details


It is used to flush the nitrogen into the single serving tea bag of kinds of tea to keep them fresh, like tea leaf, medical tea, health tea, herbal tea, Darjeeling tea, Assam tea, Ceylon tea, Keemun tea, rose tea, jasmine tea and other multiple materials tea bags.


1. The full set of energy-saving automatic nitrogen making machine is integrated with freezing dryer, Class three filtration and automatic drainage system, high efficiency oxygen and nitrogen separation system.

2. The machine still includes energy saving system, unqualified nitrogen purity automatic alarming and exhausting system, approaching rated certain nitrogen pressure automatic stop system, 60L nitrogen storage tank.

3. Adopting imported coconut shell carbon absorbent to make sure that only the nitrogen purity is up to 99.9% or more can flush the nitrogen.

Main Technical data:

Machine type: Packaging Auxiliary Machine Series

Machine model: SG-2DZDJ

Machine name: Nitrogen Making Machine

Nitrogen supply: 3-5 cube/hour

Nitrogen purity: 99.9% (non oxygen)

Nitrogen pressure: 0-0.65mpa (adjustable)

Machine power: 6.3KW

Machine dimension: 2000×850×1400mm

Nitrogen storage tank: 60L

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