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D03 Heat transfer date printer coder

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D03 Heat transfer date printer coder

Ink Roll Date Coder

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product details

Ⅰ. Applications:

S series Thermal Transfer Overprinter is the world's most cost-effective Intelligent code printer, mainly used in food, manufacturing, daily chemical, seeds, living papers, financial tickets and other soft packaging solutions. 

1,Add your brand: the printing effect of 300PI, improve the quality of the product,Let your company brand stand out in the peer industry.

2,Add your benefit of holding: can print the Real-time date , time and batch number:  change the printed content without hindrance; up to 600 meters super demon color belt, Reduce the frequency of band change; Humanized human-machine interface, easy operate; software pieces straight and easy to learn.Production line control is optimized, cost has been reduced.

3,Protect your property: using 32mm width and 53m width printing tip, 22, 25, 30 33, 35, 55mm and other different width specification ribbons:Meet the printing needs of each color through reasonable configuration, only color print gap 0. 5mm; high clarity, high attachment hindrance effect, avoid being Complaint. To reduce the cost of inspection and service in a comprehensive manner,

4,Protect sale channel: Print variable Barcode, QR code, through the whole circulation software system, Realize product traceability, prevent cross-country goods, fake goods,good for your sell channel.


S series machine advantage

1:Using Double motor machine to Collaborative precision control.

2:the printing gap is more precise, and the distance ring of 0 1mm

printing can be more extensive. The minimum is 2bmm, the highest is 670m / s. 

3:Add multiple ribbon saving function , the utilization ratio of color band is improved 4:Adapt to the feed line to avoid leakage and print position drift

5:Increase network interface to facilitate system communication applications

II. Technology Data:

Machine type:

D 03S Intermittent Model Series

Print head:

 32mm width,300dpi(12point/mintue)

Print range:


Printing speed:

6-20 m / minute

Printing frequency:

Fax 300 per minute

Ribbon length:


Ribbon width:


Communication interface


Power supply voltage:

AC100-240V   50-60HZ



Working environment temperature


Relative humidity :


Gas source:

6 bar/90 psi(max,Dry, no pollution)


Date code body:8KG,control box:2KG


Date code body:188x190x180mm   control box:175x235x110mm

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