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  • Thanks for Philippine client reorder 2019 HOT SELL ultrasonic seal pyramid tea bag packing machine
    • Jan 18,2019

    Thanks for Philippine client reorder 2019 HOT SELL ultrasonic seal pyramid tea bag packing machine Today delivery  Philippine's client reorder PLA Ultrasonic seal  pyramid tea machines. Why clients purchase big quantity our Nylon mesh pyramid tea bag packing machine. the reason as bellow: Our pyramid tea machine choose ultrasonic seal method, will no generate heat during producing ,can k...

  • South Africa client are visit our C19D drip coffee bag packing machine
    • Dec 11,2018

    Our South Africa client visit our factory today 30th,Nov,2018. He bring his coffee drip bag samples, is exactly same with our sample bag,and telll me his domestic market main beverage is coffee,drip coffee is became popular day by day. choose a suitable drip coffee bagging machine will good for win the market early. He test our C19D drip coffee packets machine,find machine are very stready,efficie...

  • Our technician went to turkey service local C19D trip coffee bag packing machine
    • Nov 28,2018

    Our technician went to turkey last week ,service local client's machine, He purchase C19D ultrasonic seal drip coffee bag packing machine 1 years ago, now machine  is immerse serious because his warehouse is leak water. Our technician repair his machine on site  once got his message. Cients also very satisfied with  machine resume stready and efficient after service. Turkey cli...

  • Iran clients are learn operate C28DX flat/pyramd tea bag packing machine
    • Nov 28,2018

    Today our iran client arrived at our factory,  lean how to operate the C28DX flat/pyramid tea bag machine. He take various tea material, like rose flowers,Lavender,Mallow,saffron ,black tea etc. After finishted  test those herbal tea or flower tea material,  client very satisfied our machine stablity,he find this machine  are high speed. This machine will delivery this week ,se...

  • Sengong on International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo
    • Nov 14,2018

    2018 Autumn China  International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo From 5th-7th,Nov ,2018 Sengong's  booth No : packagingB3-06 ADD: Wuhan international  expo center C19D Ultrasonic seal coffee packet packing machine C18 tea bag filling sealing machine C20 Pyramid tea bagging machine C21 pyramid tea punch machine paking T60DX full automatic back seal packing machine

  • Sengong @ here the 2018 Xiamen international tea package & design fair
    • Nov 02,2018

    Fair:   2018 Xiamen internation tea package & design fair Date: 18th-22th,Oct,2018 Welcome you can come and visit our booth no A3T091 Address:  Xiamen international convention and exhibition center in China The total exhibition area of this session is 75,000square meters,with total  of 3800 booths and enterprises both at home and and abroad. Sengong starts to exhibit in the...

  • Poland clients are learning drip coffee bag packing machine
    • Nov 02,2018

    Our Poland clients visit our factory yesterday,20th Sep 2018.They bring their coffee material testing our three machines,C16 filter paper bag packing machine,C19II heat seal drip coffee pouches for machine, C19D ultrasonic seal drip coffee bagging machine. After testing machine ,they are very satisfied with our machine stready, efficient. packing sachets nice appreance are impressive them They hav...

  • England customer are testing new improved pyramid tea bagging machine
    • Aug 20,2018

    Another England client are testing two sets machine in our working room today 10th,Aug,those purchase by him on July. One machine is C19D jual drip coffee filter bag machine. The other is new improved Pyramid Tea Bagging Machine,which two pyramid bags in outer envelope  more advanced  compare common one pyramid  bag in outer envelope. This new improve pyramid tea bagging machin...

  • service Vietnam client's machine on site 2nd,Aug
    • Aug 07,2018

    Our technician went to Vietnam country to service local client’s Tea Bag Packing Machine on 2nd,Aug, Which named C13 Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine,more details,welcome visit company website. Last week this client tell us he need service on site, some wrong with his machine. Our company immediately arrange technician went to Vietnam. Our technician found some machine parts  ...

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