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G82K double line Pillow Bag Sugar filling packaging Machine

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G82K double line Pillow Bag Sugar filling packaging Machine

Granule&Powder Packaging Machine with Multi-lanes,powder sealing machine

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product details


It is suitable for packing products;with granule or powder shape.

1.;It;is specially designed for;automatic;multi-line;stick type powder;or granule;filling and packaging.;Put the film;roll;to be used on the;machine,;the film would be split into lanes and;made;into long tubular bags, and products measurement, filling and packaging;can be performed automatically.
2.;The operation is;simple and reliable, bag length and bag width can be easily adjusted. Optical control;is;precise. With skateboard;type metering device, the;filling volume;of each lane;is adjustable. The machine is suitable for mass production of bulk products.;

;Technical data:;

Type: High Speed Packing Machine Series
Product model: G82K
Product name: High Speed Pillow Bag Granule and Powder Packaging Machine with Multi-lanes
Bag type: Center sealing
Bag length: 50~170mm
Bag width: 11~65mm
Weighing system: Metering disc device / Skateboard type metering device
Qty. Of lines: 2~12 lines (Metering disc device: 4 lanes; Skateboard type metering device: 2~12 lanes.)
Bag size: L:40~110mm, W:30~80mm
Packing speed: 25~50bags/min;(the actual speed depends on the size of products, packing material,etc.)
Filling range: 0.5~50cc (the filling range depends on the feeding device and product properties.)
Max. film width: 350mm
Max. film roll diameter: Φ400mm

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