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G74K High Speed Automatic Granule Packaging Machine(3 Sides Seal, Multi-lanes)

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G74K High Speed Automatic Granule Packaging Machine(3 Sides Seal, Multi-lanes)

Granule Packaging Machine

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It;is suitable packing grain or granule products of food, medicine, cosmetics and chemicals, tea leaves, seeds, and other seeds-like products;etc.
1.;Adopting PLC control, photoelectric tracking and deviation correcting.
2.;The bag length can be accurately adjusted according to requirements.
3.;Problems will be shown on the screen, it is convenient for checking and maintenance.
4.;Automatically stop when overheated, ensuring the quality of sealing.
5.;Conforming to the GMP standard, highly efficient, easy to operated and maintain, steady and durable.

;Technical data:;

Type: High Speed Packing Machine Series
Product model: G74K
Product name: High Speed Automatic Granule;Packaging Machine(3 Sides Seal, Multi-lanes)
Filling range: 1~5g or 5~10g
Bag size: L: 38~110mm; W:23~80mm
Packing speed: 50~100bags/min*2, or *4
Air: 0.5m3/min; 0.65Mpa
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 2.1KW
Dimension : 1200*700*1950mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 500KGS

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