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G73K High Speed Automatic Granule and Powder Packaging Machine with Multi-lanes

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G73K High Speed Automatic Granule and Powder Packaging Machine with Multi-lanes

Granule and Powder Packaging Machine with Multi-lanes

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It;is suitable packing powdery, granule and seeds-like products of food, medicine, cosmetics and chemicals etc.

1.;It is an automatic multi-lines powder or grain filling and packing machine with high productivity.
2.;Adopting single roller filling system, which ensures tight and beautiful sealing with excellent stability.
3.;The machine can perform multi-lines packaging(with effective sealing width 500mm), which ensures efficient production.
4.;With optional photoelectric control device, you can pack products with our without color mark.

;Technical data:;

Type: High Speed Packing Machine Series
Product model: G73K
Product name: High Speed Automatic Granule and Powder;Packaging Machine with Multi-lanes
Filling range: 1~50cc(the filling range depends on
the feeding device and product properties)
Bag size: L: 40~110mm; W:30~80mm
Bag type: Four sides seal
Bag length/width: L: 45~120mm(with film roll replaced); W:11~65mm
Packing speed: 25~50bags/min(the actual speed depends on the size of products, packing materials, etc.)
Product name: Automatic Multiple Lanes Grain and Powder
Filling and Packing Machine
Max. Film width: 500mm
Max. Film roll diameter: Φ300mm
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 3.5KW
Dimension : 1400*1000*2200mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 750KGS

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