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SG-15 Tea bag packing machine

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product details

Tea bag packing machine Model SG-15 is our new model,and features filling,heat sealing,threading,labeling and over-wrapping functions.Meanwhile,it also has an adjustable loading system for filling different size tea bags.Adopting sealing pads in place of the sealing rollers used in machines of previous generations,this new system greatly improves the machine's flexibility and enables use of different packaging materials.Tea bag with overwrap and an individual overwrap will add appeal and value to your tea line.These tea bags include both a string and tag.No staples are used.This model is similar with our model DXDC8IV,but we enlarge the content of filter tea bag and envelope.

Main materials include paper / PE, plastic / Foil / PE and plastic / PE.





10 cm³

Size of tea bag (L×W)

65mm x 62.5mm

Size of envelope (L×W)

82mm x 75mm

Width of filter paper


Tag dimensions

28mm ×24mm

Thread length 


Envelope materials

Various materials( Plastic / Foil / P.E, Paper / P.E )


AC 380V/220V

Total power

2.5 KW

Overall dimension

1.688m ×1.330m × 2.205m

Carton dimensions

1.840m × 1.290m×1.890m

Net Weight


Gross weight



1) Heat sealable tag device  2) Date printing device  3) Semi  carton device  4) Pneumatic vacuum feeder   5) Modification cutter tool


Heat sealing filter paper : Single side heat-sealing ,16.5-20g/㎡ and 125mm width.

Various heat sealable laminated materials : Plastic / Foil / P.E, Paper / P.E,Paper / foil / P.E,Plastic / P.E.

Cotton thread : The thread should be original cotton thread with 3 strands of No.16 (21/4 in English System) thread wound into cone.

Tag paper : The tag paper should be bleached paper for food industry specially, 70g/㎡.

Adhesive : The adhesive used on this machine is polyvinyl acetate emulsion. Its Brookfield viscosity should be 1600-2800 CP at 25℃ with adhesive.

Filter paper: 5750bags/kg

Heat sealable tag paper:6250tags/kg

Cotton thread: 20000teabags/Roll

Envelope paper: 1000 bags/kg

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