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How to Make A Nice Good Cup of Drip Coffee

How to Make A Nice Good Cup of Drip Coffee

  • 2018/08/07

Here are a few steps for making much better drip coffee

First, you should choose a nice set drip coffee bag packing machine,Xiamen sengong packing equipment  co.,ltd can supply high quality machine for you, japanese equal quality,chinese.

our machine outer bag  sealing controlled by the stepper motor,bag length   positioning is accuate and stable.

Adopts PID temperature controller for more accurate temperature adjustment.

Adopts PLC control system,human-machine interface,it is very easy to operate.

All parts in derect contact with products are made of SUS304

stainless steel,ensuring reliable proudcts output conforming to food sanitary standards.

some parts of the cylinder are imported,ensuring the accuracy and stability of performance.

optional devices:flat cut device,dtate printer ,easy tear device,etc.

more information,welcome visit our website:

C19II ,Automatic Coffee Packing Machine,this use heat sealing method

C19D,Coffee Packaging Machine,this use ultrasonic seal method,can keep the nice taste of the coffee,also can save the extra raw material

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