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Poland clients are learning drip coffee bag packing machine

Poland clients are learning drip coffee bag packing machine

  • 2018/11/02

Our Poland clients visit our factory yesterday,20th Sep 2018.They bring their coffee material testing our three machines,C16 filter paper bag packing machine,C19II heat seal drip coffee pouches for machine, C19D ultrasonic seal drip coffee bagging machine.

After testing machine ,they are very satisfied with our machine stready, efficient.

packing sachets nice appreance are impressive them

They have test coffee through 3 different machine packing,find coffee all very nice taste, the beverage is very clear when used spon stirred them.

Poland consider C19D Ultrasonic drip coffee packing machine,because of they meet up level coffee market, this machine can easy operation ,efficient,can completely automatic Unmanned operation.

Our poland are earnest learn to operate those machines fellow by technician,contact with our engineer many machine technology.our engineer professional skill help solve cients many confused.

Finally they  decide to confirm use our C19D ultrasonic drip coffee packing machine,sincerely our poland coffee business is booming in futher.

Check drip coffee sachet details:

C19D Ultrasonic drip machines  coffee pouches

C19II Heap seal machine for making coffee bags

C16 filter paper bag packing machine

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